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I know we’re friends… but are we Facebook friends?

Apr 02 2010 Published by Barely South Review under Uncategorized

Now that you’ve found us, keep us in your lives for all time through the most permanent and significant means possible:  mosey on over to our Facebook page and become a fan of Barely South Review. Check for updates to the blog, new issues, and hey, if you’re in a generous mood, spread the word and suggest us to your friends.

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Apr 01 2010 Published by Barely South Review under Program News,Site News

We know you’ve been talking amongst yourselves over brunch—asking questions like, “who are these bold renegades of all things prose and verse, and do they know how to arrange themselves by height?” In order to stop the rampant tabloid speculation, I asked everyone this very question just the other day—perhaps you’ll enjoy the answer:

ODU MFA Creative Writing Program students and faculty, Winter 2009

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Inaugural Issue

Apr 01 2010 Published by Barely South Review under Content Announcements,Site News

We’re releasing Issue One of Barely South Review today. So what if it’s April 1st—even if our idea of a prank was to release a brand new hulking mass of literary bioluminescence, wouldn’t it be a most beautiful sort of prank? Enjoy, you highly-literate hooligans. Look for more soon from the cantankerous crew at the Barely South Review.

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Apr 01 2010 Published by Barely South Review under Reading Periods,Site News

We’re still unpacking, as they say, but have a look around. There’s more on the “about” page, but Barely South Review is produced by the MFA program faculty and students at Old Dominion University. Keep an eye on this space for announcements about events and reading periods. We’ll be announcing a theme-issue reading period soon, along with a few other this that and the others.

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