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Why, aren’t you a crafty bunch?

Jan 17 2011 Published by Barely South Review under Content Announcements,Site News

Welcome, you street-smart, word-wily masterminds–BSR’s timely craft issue is here. Way back in October, we had the good fortune to make the acquaintance of the readers for the 33rd annual ODU Literary Festival; not only did we have the good sense to sit down, shut up and silence our cell phones, but we also talked our way into a real coup–craft interviews with almost all of the authors who came in for the event. While we were at first inclined to spirit this treasure-trove off to our very-own deserted island, we’ve instead decided to share it with the lot of you. So go on, quit wasting time–hit up the craft-interview bonanza (plus poems, stories and excerpts from the visiting writers!)

P.S. Those of you with submissions in, now that our third issue is in the bag, we’ll be turning our attention towards pending notifications.

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