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Inside Clothes

by Jari Thymian

  • Breasts into cups. Lower chakras into underwear.
  • Arms through holes. Legs slide into tubes of pants.
  • Toes and feet slip inside shoes. We think it all flows with us –
  • cotton, silk, rayon, leather, hemp. Snap, button, hook –
  • to hold us in place. Garment restrictions on the soul.
  • A part inside closes. Like children we think our armor
  • hides us. By design, if we distract eyes with seams
  • and detail, we hope retinas will not see how naked
  • we are underneath. Inside clothes, our darkness, held
  • like a prisoner on work release, despises the need to fit
  • into a specific form. This thing so sizeless and blinding
  • we dare not let it wander down the street
  • unclothed.

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