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Remember Whom You Leave Shackled by Love

by Haley Lasché

  • It wouldn’t matter except for the iron in our blood,
  • that screw lacing into bolt
  • corroding two into one.
  • Rust strips the mechanism of separation
  • down to a single process: hand pulling from hand, leg
  • pulling from the back of knee.
  • We attempt to galvanize,
  • keep our rust-smacking separate from each other, and yet
  • I want you when I’m busy.
  • And, I want you when I’m bored.
  • The key is to want not need,
  • to lock the shape of our mutual erosion
  • in the strongest position,
  • to weather the effects of winter storm.
  • I hear the tide against the mountain.
  • I hear your confidential thoughts.
  • You call our secret family name
  • oxidize us
  • even when we sleep apart.

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