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Confession Concerning the Moon

by Elizabeth Langemak

“I admit that the spots are seas, I admit that the bright areas are land.”
—Johannes Keper, considering the moon.

  • I admit that the moon
  • is not quite itself.  I tell
  • you I’ve made an earth
  • of its surface with dark
  • spots for seas and light
  • spans of land.  Through
  • this scope I have managed
  • to see what I want: air
  • I could take and rivers
  • engraved through each
  • hill.  Is there nothing
  • so remote it resists
  • us, nothing so foreign
  • it cannot stand our mark?
  • In the moon I confess
  • I have seen my face
  • reflected paler but brighter
  • in a mirror too distant to touch.

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