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Lobachevsky Dialogue or How Pringles Ruined My Life

by Salvatore Attardo

  • For small amounts of time
  • two parallel lines
  • on a hyperbolic paraboloid
  • (practically the shape of a Pringle)
  • may appear to be parallels
  • but as time passes and the length increases
  • the two lines are seen
  • (draw two tiny lines on a Pringle)
  • to diverge infinitely
  • lost in the void
  • (having transcended the space of the Pringle)
  • never to meet again.
  • The problem, noted Lobachevsky,
  • is that for a local observer
  • there is no way of telling
  • if this or that melancholic entanglement
  • is elliptical or hyperbolic.
  • Bummer, said Bolyai,
  • who was still single.

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