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Listen [poetry]

By Emily Allen

  • Go where the soil consumes
  • your every step, and every night
  • the river shuffles through the shallows
  • like a sleepwalker. It is all current,
  • all whispering promise.
  • When the oak spreads wide its limbs,
  • climb into the heart of it
  • and wait for the wind to speak.
  • It will tell you where to find me.
  • There are always landmarks.
  • In this ocean of prairie grass,
  • I am the ebb and flow of golden
  • stalks. I am the well water’s echo.
  • Sit and let the river rushes brush
  • your cheek. Let me say I miss you.


Emily Allen is a doctoral candidate in poetry at the University of North Texas. Her work has recently appeared in Prism, Foothill Graduate Poetry Journal, and the Southern Poetry Anthology.

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