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Google Map To Pluto [Poetry]

by Keith Gaboury

  • I brought up my browser
  • to Google Map the walking distance
  • from California to Japan.
  • Once the algorithm
  • rightly concluded I am no Jesus
  • and cannot walk on water,
  • my Mountain View peeps
  • calculated the ideal hang gliding route,
  • taking into account wind patterns
  • and discarded sushi
  • flung into the stratosphere.
  • After seven seconds too long,
  • an up-at-dawn jaunt in the clouds
  • sprung alive on my screen.
  • Yet as I stand on this SF shoreline,
  • the separation of the Pacific Ocean
  • suddenly stretches into a Kuiper belt divide.
  • I balk at the waves and the waves
  • belly laugh back, a tidal entertainment
  • that a carbon fiber skeleton
  • could conquer 70 million
  • cubic miles, a yawning
  • multiplied into a heliocentric spin.
  • Here now, my pale Irish body
  • swoops over Olympus Mons
  • and dovetails into the vessels
  • of Jupiter’s bloodshot eye
  • before finally running to a stop
  • on Pluto, a rock-ice ball swimming
  • in a nitrogen and methane atmosphere.
  • Under the sun’s glare, I slip on my Ray-Bans
  • and geotag my location with a shout out
  • to the Roman god of the underworld.



Keith Gaboury graduated with a M.F.A. in creative writing from Emerson College in 2013. His poems have appeared in Write From Wrong Online Literary Magazine, Oddball Magazine, and Boston Poetry Magazine. In 2011, he co-founded a social justice-themed online literary magazine, Words Apart. While spending his days as a preschool teacher in Boston, he spends his nights completing a manuscript of science fiction / fantasy-themed poems.

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