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Last Days

by Kevin Brown

  • We have forsaken the fallow
  • fiftieth year, the seventh
  • sabbath, the jubilee
  • of justice, displacing orphans
  • and widows
  • for Wal-Marts, creating factory
  • farms where gleaning is given
  • over to the bottom line, threshers mow
  • men, women,
  • and wheat indiscriminately,
  • looking to create a tomato
  • as large as our hearts
  • used to be.
  • We go sweatshopping
  • for clothes and tchotchkes,
  • changing fashions as frequently
  • as channels, pushing the broken
  • under bridges, to other countries,
  • while our prophets preach
  • prohibitions and hate instead
  • of lifting up love, forgetting a poor man
  • will sit on the right hand
  • and judge us all.

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